Cat Stevens - Matthew and Son

Cat Stevens - Matthew and Son

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  1. Matthew & Son [SIDE A]
  2. I Love My Dog [SIDE A]
  3. Here Comes My Baby [SIDE A]
  4. Bring Another Bottle Baby [SIDE A]
  5. Portobello Road [SIDE A]
  6. I've Found A Love [SIDE A]
  7. I See A Road [SIDE A]
  8. Baby Get Your Head Screwed On [SIDE B]
  9. Granny [SIDE B]
  10. When I Speak To The Flowers [SIDE B]
  11. The Tramp [SIDE B]
  12. Come On And Dance [SIDE B]
  13. Hummingbird [SIDE B]
  14. Lady [SIDE B]