Dario Marianelli & Víkingur Ólafsson - Darkest Hour (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Dario Marianelli & Víkingur Ólafsson - Darkest Hour (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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01 Prelude (02:26)
02 Where is Winston? (02:44)
03 Full English (01:59)
04 A Telegram from the Palace (01:43)
05 One of Them (01:33)
06 Winston and George (03:15)
07 First Speech to the Common (03:36)
08 The War Rooms (02:45)
09 From the Air (01:25)
10 I Wouldn't Trust Him With my Bicycles (01:54)
11 Radio Broadcast (03:05)
12 History is Listening (02:34)
13 An Ultimatum (01:28)
14 Dynamo (02:37)
15 We Must Prepare for Imminent Invasion (03:04)
16 The Words Won't Come (02:17)
17 Just Before the Dawn (02:14)
18 District Line, East, One Stop. (03:52)
19 We Shall Fight (07:26)

Stikla úr Darkest Hour:

Kvikmyndin var tilnefnd til 6 óskarsveðlauna en gagnrýnendur hfa hlaðið hana lofi.



“The craft on display in Darkest Hour, from top to bottom, is incredible, and composer Dario Marianelli—who already composed one iconic score with Wright for Atonement—outdoes himself here with a piano-driven soundtrack that is magnificent. It’s alternatively thrilling, somber, introspective, and gregarious, the latter reflecting Churchill’s demeanor in brilliant fashion.”


“Enter world-class soloist Vikingur Olafsson. The Icelandic pianist was “particularly versed in minimalism, with an expressiveness that wasn’t remotely romantic,” Marianelli says. He quickly expanded the scope of the score to be more fully orchestral.”

Entertainment Weekly

“The rousing score from Atonement Oscar winner Dario Marianelli becomes a character in itself.”


“Dario Marianelli adds a stirring score.”