John Carpenter - Anthology II 1976-1988

John Carpenter - Anthology II 1976-1988

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  1. Chariots of Pumpkins (Halloween III)
  2. 69th St. Bridge (Escape from New York)
  3. The Alley (War) [big Trouble in Little China]
  4. Wake Up (They Live)
  5. Julie's Dead (Assault On Precinct 13)
  6. The Shape Enters Laurie's Room (Halloween II)
  7. Season of the Witch (Halloween III)
  8. Love at a Distance (Prince of Darkness)
  9. The Shape Stalks Again (Halloween II)
  10. Burn It (The Thing)
  11. Fuchs (The Thing)
  12. To Mac's Shack (The Thing)
  13. Walk to the Lighthouse (The Fog)
  14. Laurie's Theme (Halloween)