Ornette Coleman - Genesis Of Genius: The Contemporary

Ornette Coleman - Genesis Of Genius: The Contemporary

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Plata 1
  1. Invisible
  2. The Blessing
  3. Jayne
  4. Chippie
  5. The Disguise
  6. Angel Voice
  7. Alpha
  8. When Will The Blues Leave?
  9. The Sphinx
Plata 2
  1. Tomorrow Is The Question!
  2. Tears Inside
  3. Mind And Time
  4. Compassion
  5. Giggin'
  6. Rejoicing
  7. Lorraine
  8. Turnaround
  9. Endless

Deluxe boxed set coupling both ground-breaking albums on Contemporary Records by revolutionary saxophonist-composer Ornette Coleman: His first album as a bandleader Something Else!!!! (The Music of Ornette Coleman), and Tomorrow is the Question! (The New Music of Ornette Coleman)

Featuring collaborations with jazz legends including Don Cherry, Red Mitchell, Percy Heath, Billy Higgins and Shelly Manne

Both albums were recorded by legendary engineer Roy DuNann

Booklet features new liner notes by Grammy-winning jazz historian Ashley Kahn, and vintage photos