Rush - Permanent Waves

Rush - Permanent Waves

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Original Album

  1. The Spirit Of Radio
  2. Freewill
  3. Jacob's Ladder
  4. Entre Nous
  5. Different Strings
  6. Natural Science

Permanent Waves World Tour 1980

  1. Beneath, Between & Behind (Live In Manchester)
  2. By-Tor & The Snow Dog (Live In London)
  3. Xanadu (Live In London)
  4. The Spirit Of Radio (Live in Manchester)
  5. Natural Science (Live In Manchester)
  6. A Passage To Bangkok (Live In Manchester)
  7. The Trees (Live In Manchester)
  8. Cygnus X-1 (Live In London)
  9. Cygnus X-1 Book II (Live In London)
  10. Closer To The Heart (Live In Manchester)
  11. Jacob’s Ladder (Live In Missouri)
  12. Freewill (Live In London)